Texas Children's Justice Act

Development of a Method to Evaluate Bone Health of Infants and Young Children in the Medical Examiner Setting and Emergency Department

Child abuse cases form one of the most contentious areas of medicolegal investigation. Physicians are responsible for determining with reasonable medical certainty the cause of a specific injury pattern observed in a child.  This opinion must be rendered with comprehensive knowledge of the case, including: medical history, events surrounding… Continue Reading
Texas Children's Justice Act

Strengthening Our Response Through Informed Advocacy

Providing children in CPS' care with a quality education and a chance of educational success has been widely recognized as a need and a challenge.  The final report of the Texas Supreme Court Children's Commission, the Texas Blueprint: Transforming Education Outcomes for Children and Youth in Foster Care, outlines… Continue Reading
Texas Children's Justice Act

Strategies for Change - Enhancing Response to Children with Disabilities

Children with disabilities are at an increased risk of abuse and neglect and they delay reporting abuse longer than peers without disabilities.  Child maltreatment practitioners typically lack the skills and training to respond effectively to to reports of child abuse/neglect in this population.  Children with disabilities are also… Continue Reading



New Thinking on Brain-Science Therapies Could Help Foster Kids

(The Denver Post)

Therapies based on brain science — and limited use of antipsychotic medications — are the answer for thousands of foster kids whose traumatic childhoods have left them with depression and…

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UN: Children to be Able to Lodge Rights Complaints

(Turkish Press)

UN child rights experts hailed a new treaty Monday that will allow children to complain directly to the UN Committee on the Rights of the Child about alleged violations of…

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Children Who View Domestic Abuse More Likely To Bully, Fight, Lie, Cheat


A growing body of research shows that children don’t have to be abused themselves to suffer the consequences of domestic violence: Watching it happen to someone else is problem enough.…

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Does Poverty Cause Child Abuse?

(City Limits)

Cornell University released a large study last month positing that poverty causes higher instances of child abuse and neglect. Considering the advance publicity, it seemed to me that the average…

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CJA Three-Year Assessment


28th Annual Conference on the Prevention on Child Abuse

March 3, 2014
Omni Colonnade Hotel San Antonio, Texas

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Driscoll Children's Hospital 2014 Child Abuse Summit

April 17, 2014
Omni Bayfront Hotel Corpus Christi, TX

To provide up to date instruction on prevention, recognition, intervention, treatment & investigation of child abuse for physicians, nurses, pathologists, law enforcement, Justice of the Peace, attorneys, social workers, CPS workers, emergency department personnel and first responders and all other related professions.

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